Removing harm and hazard from complex global supply chains
is one of the biggest safety challenges of our time.

We deliver an answer — with a supply chain platform for every step of your products’ path to market.
Our Intelligence Suite — i&i Prospector®, i&i The Wercs®, i&i PurViewSM and i&i GoodGuide — provides holistic
intelligence and tools for suppliers, manufacturers, product designers and retailers.

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Welcome to the Demand Chain

Consumers aren’t the only ones calling for safer products. See how demands from all angles are
influencing more sustainable supply chain management.

Enter the Demand Chain

Good Year Empowered by i&i

Goodyear uses our supply chain platform’s industry-leading material database to
save millions of dollars a year in resources. What can i&i do for you?

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The i&i Intelligence Suite:

The complete package for more sustainable supply chain management

i&i Prospector

This raw materials database combines two sources of specialized information into one powerful search engine.

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i&i The Wercs

After threee decades serving marquee clients including GE, Baxter and Kmart®, i&i The Wercs is the chosen MSDS authoring software platform.

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i&i PurView

With this multi-attributes evaluation platform retailers can survey and request information from manufacturers on any topic.

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i&i GoodGuide

Shoppers demand transparency and i&i GoodGuide delivers — with product ratings for more than 250,000 consumer goods.

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